Flying to the Moon

Let’s talk about the Talent of this hobby.

The Carbon-Z Cessna 150 from E-flite is a very detailed reproduction with impressive dimensions.
Its wingspan is of 2100mm.
Equipped with Flaps, the model is also designed for use with floating boots to take off from the water.
This Plug-N-Play version includes a brushless motor and servo controls.
All you need to do to complete the model is to install a receiver (with radio control), a charger, a Lipo battery.

This extraordinary reproduction of one of the most popular aircraft of the Cessna measures 2100mm wingspan and is very detailed in the finishes.
These details include LED installed lighting, a cushioned front truck, fully functional flaps and wheel fairings.
Other details include printed panel lines and control surfaces that are wavy like those of the original aircraft.
The stability of the Cessna and the characteristics of the AS3X receiver will put even the less experienced pilots at ease. The powerful brushless motor is coupled with a 60A ESC regulator that can be powered by a 4 to 6S battery from 4000 to 7000mAh so as to to make the flight experience truly unique.
After initial assembly, no tools will be needed to attach or remove wings on the airfield.
It is not even necessary to touch the servocontrol cables.
In fact, the innovative servo-hands-free connection system automatically integrates the wing servocontrols and LED lights connectors when connecting the wing.
The float set is optional and is an accessory available separately.
They are supplied with a rudder that works in the water.
The EFLA5600 and EFLA5605 articles are required, both sold separately.
Installation is simple and can be done in a few minutes.

SHOP ONLINE: https://www.rcitalia.it/rc/index.php/aerei-radiocomandati/elettrici/trainer-scuola/carbon-z-cessna-150-2-1-m-pnp.html

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